bridge or ferry *Bridge Trusts River crossed Initial Act Date of First Act (or earliest record) Date Expired Form open to traffic Parish A Parish B Primary County Code Secondary County Full Name of Act
bridge Albert Bridge River Thames     1879 toll lifted   1873 London Southwark MX SY
bridge Aldwark Bridge River Ouse   1772 toll still paid         YNR YNR
bridge Atcham Bridge River Severn     no evidence of separate toll     Atcham   SA SA
bridge Baslow Bridge River Derwent               DE DE
bridge Bathampton Bridge River Avon     toll still paid     Bath   SO SO
bridge Battersea Bridge River Thames   1771 1879 toll lifted   1772 London Southwark MX SY
bridge Bedford Town Bridge River Great Ouse 43 Geo3 c128 1803   tolls vested in Town Commissioners       BD BD
bridge Bellingham Bridge River Tyne   ca 1750           NB NB
bridge Berwick Bridge River Tweed               NB SCOT
bridge Bewdley Bridge River Severn   1798 toll house demolished 1960s         WO WO
bridge Bideford Bridge River Torridge     TH on map 1745         DV DV
bridge Black Bridge Castle Pill     toll gate on OS 6 in         PEM PEM
bridge Blackfriars Bridge River Thames 29 Geo2 c86 1756 Sunday tolls till 1870s   1769 London Southwark MX SY laying a Toll upon all Horses and Carriages passing on a Sunday over Blackfriars Bridge, and for applying the Money to arise thereby towards increasing the Fund for watching, lighting, cleansing, watering, and repairing the said Bridge. [15th June 1809.]
bridge Blackfriars Bridge River Irwell 57 Geo3 c58 1817   Proprietors       LA LA building a Bridge across the River Irwell, from Water Street in the Township of Salford, to Saint Mary's Gate in the Township of Manchester, all in the County of Lancaster; and for making proper Avenues thereto
bridge Boughrood Bridge River Wye   1838 tolls lifted 1934         BRE HF
bridge Brynwern Bridge River Wye               Wales
bridge Bure Bridge River Bure 7&8 Geo4 c31 1827     1830 Great Yarmouth Runham NO  erecting a Bridge over the River Bure, from Runham to Great Yarmouth, in the County of Norfolk. [28th May 1827.]
bridge Burlesdon Bridge River Itchen   1796 tolls lifted 1929 Northam Bridge Company 1799     HA HA
bridge Carlton Bridge River Aire   1777 toll lifted 1929 when demolished         YER YNR
bridge Cartford Bridge River Wyre     toll still paid      (Wyreside)   LA LA
bridge Cavendish Bridge River Trent   1760 toll lifted 1888   1760     DE LE
bridge Cleveland Bridge River Avon   1827       Bath Bathwick SO SO
bridge Clifton Hampden Bridge River Thames   1867 1946 toll lifted     Clifton   OX OX
bridge Clifton Suspension Bridge River Avon 11 Geo4 c69 1830 toll still paid     Bristol   SO GL building a Bridge over the River Avon, from Clifton in the County of Gloucester to the opposite Side of the River in the County of Somerset, and for making convenient Roads and Approaches to communicate therewith. [29th May 1830.                                                                      
bridge Clopton Bridge River Avon 52 Geo3 c80 1812 tolls lifted 1839 Commissioners   Stratford   WA WA maintaining and repairing the Bridge over the River Avon, at or near Stratford-upon-Avon, in the County of Warwick, and for widening and improving the Approaches thereto. [22d March 1826.]                                                                      
bridge Coalport Bridge River Severn           Coalbrookdale   SA SA
bridge Coldstream Bridge River Tweed   1763 tolls lifted 1926   1767     NB SCOT                                                                      
bridge Conway Suspension Bridge River Conway   1826     1826 Conway   CAE ANG
bridge Cookham Bridge River Thames   1840 1947 toll lifted rebuilt 1867   Cookham   BU OX
bridge Copley Bridge River Calder              
bridge Cressage Bridge River Severn 39 Geo3 c28 1799 tolls     Cressage   SA SA building a Bridge over the River Severn, from or near Cressage, in the County of Salop, to the opposite Shore; and for making proper Roads or Avenues to and from the same. [10th May 1799.]
bridge Cross Keys Bridge Sutton Wash (River Nene) 7 Geo4 c106 1826       Sutton   NO LI constructing a Bridge across Sutton Wash, otherwise called Cross Keys Wash, between the Counties of Lincoln and Norfolk. [26th May 1826.]
bridge Deritend Bridge River Rea 3 Geo4 c5 1822   Trustees       WA WA rebuilding the Bridge over the River Rea, at the Town of Birmingham, called Deritend Bridge; and for widening the Avenues thereto, and making certain other Improvements. [3d April 1822.]
bridge Derwent Bridge River Derwent     toll advert     Budwith   YER YER
bridge Dunham Bridge River Trent 11 Geo4 c66 1830 toll still paid Proprietors 1832     NT LI building a Bridge over the River Trent, from Dunham in the County of Nottingham to the opposite Shore in the County of Lincoln. [29th May 1830.]
bridge Eastham Bridge RiverTeme   1793 tolls lifted 1907 (bought by council)     Eastham   WO WO
bridge Eling Bridge  (over mill dam)Bartley Water     small private route         HA HA
bridge Erwood Bridge River Wye   1859           BRE HF
bridge Folly Bridge River Thames 55 Geo3 c94 1815 tolls     Oxford   OX OX taking down and rebuilding the whole or Part of a certain Bridge across the River Ists, in or near the City of Oxford, called Folly Bridge otherwise Friar's Bridge; and for widening the same Bridge, and improving the Approaches thereto. [28th June 1815
bridge Fosdyke Bridge River Welland 51 Geo3 c71 1811           LI LI making a Public Way over Fosdyke Wash, in the County of Lincoln; and for granting further Powers for building a Bridge over the said Wash. [14th May 1811.]
bridge Foundry Bridge River Wensum   1811 toll advert 1833 built in wood       NO NO
bridge Gainsborough Bridge River Trent     toll lifted 1932         LI NT
bridge Goring Bridge River Thames   1837       Goring Streatley BE OX
bridge Gosport & Haslar Bridge Haslar Lake 4 Will4 c4 1834 toll still paid     Gosport Alvestoke HA HA building a Bridge over Stoke otherwise Haslar Lake, which separates Gosport from Haslar, both in the Parish of Alverstoke in the County of Southampton, and for making Approaches thereto. [26th March 1834.]
bridge Grosvenor Bridge River Dee 6 Geo4 c124 1825 tolls lifted 1885 Commissioners 1832 Chester   CH CH erecting an additional Bridge over the River Dee, in the City of Chester; for opening and making convenient Roads and Approaches thereto; and for taking down and rebuilding the Parish Church of Saint Bridget within the said City; and for repairing the present Bridge over the River Dee. [10th June 1825.]
bridge Gunthorpe Bridge River Trent   1870 toll lifted 1925   1875     NT NT
bridge Hakin Bridge       tolls lifted 1909     Milford Haven   PEM PEM
bridge Hammersmith Bridge River Thames 5 Geo4 c112 1824 1884 toll lifted Commissioners  (private speculation) Hammersmith Waterworks Co.   London Southwark MX SY building a Bridge over the River Thames at Hammersmith, and for making convenient Roads to communicate therewith. [23d May 1828.]
bridge Hampton Court Bridge River Thames 6 Geo4 c125 1825 tolls lifted 1876 Commissioners   London Southwark MX SY rebuilding of Kingston Bridge, and for improving and making suitable Approaches thereto. [29th May 1830.]
bridge Harrington Bridge River Trent   1790 toll lifted 1882         LE DE
bridge Haw Passage Bridge River Severn 5 Geo4 c150 1824 tolls Trustees       GL WO building a Bridge over the River Severn at or near the Haw Passage in the County of Gloucester, and for making convenient Roads thereto; and to divert Part of the Line of Road by the said Act authorized to be made. [21st June 1824.]
bridge Henley Bridge River Thames 21 Geo3 c33 1781 1870s toll lifted Commissioners       OX BU building a Bridge over the River Thames at Henley-upon-Thames, in the County of Oxford. [18th June 1808.]
bridge Holt Fleet Bridge River Severn 7 Geo4 c109 1826 tolls Company       WO WO building a Bridge over the River Severn, at or near Holt Fleet, in the Parishes of Holt and Ombersley in the County of Worcester; and for making Approaches to such Bridge. [5th May 1826.]
bridge Iron Bridge River Severn   1779 closed to toll vehicles 1934     Coalbrookdale   SA SA
bridge Itchen Floating Bridge ferry (Woolston) River Itchen 4/5 Wil4 c85 1834 closed 1977   1838     HA HA
bridge Kemeys Chain Bridge River Usk   1830 (approx) may have been taken by Tp trust         MON MON
bridge Kew Bridge River Thames     1873 toll lifted   1759 London Southwark MX SY
bridge Kingsland Bridge River Severn   1880 toll still paid   1883 Shrewsbury   SA SA
bridge Kingston Bridge River Thames   1825 1870 toll lifted   1828     SY MX
bridge Ladykirk & Norham Bridge River Tweed   1838 probably toll free         NB SCOT
bridge Laira Bridge River Laira   1824 tolls lifted 1904 by Plymouth Council   1827     DV DV
bridge Lamberth Bridge River Thames   1860 toll lifted 1879   was a horseferry, bridge open 1862 London Southwark MX SY
bridge Lendal Bridge River Ouse   1861       York   YNR YNR
bridge Loughor Bridge River Loughor   1831 became County Bridge 1844      Llanelli   GLA GLA
bridge Lymington Bridge Lymington River   1731 tolls lifted 1956 by Hants CC   1731 Lymington   HA HA
bridge Maidenhead Bridge River Thames   1777 tolls lifted 1903     Maidenhead   BU BE
bridge Marlow Bridge River Thames 1 Geo4 c45 1829 no toll bridge wardens   Marlow   BU OX raising Money to defray the Expences of rebuilding Marlow Bridge. [14th May 1829.]
bridge Menai Suspension Bridge Menai Straights   1819     1826 Bangor Menai Bridge CAE ANG
bridge Middleham Bridge River Ure   1830     1830     YNR YNR
bridge Mill Bridge River Lea     tolls lifted 1893         HE HE
bridge New Lay Iron Bridge River Aire   1819       Leeds Horsforth YW YW
bridge Newhaven Bridge River Ouse 24 Geo3 1784 tolls         SX SX building a Bridge over the River Ouse, at Newhaven, in the County of Sussex. [5th April 1798.]
bridge Norfolk Bridge River Adur   1833 tolls lifted 1927   1833 Shoreham   SX SX
bridge North Bridge (Tickford) River Ouse   1810       Newport Pagnell   BU BU
bridge North Parade Bridge River Avon   1836     1836 Bath   SO SO
bridge Northam Bridge River Itchen   1796 tolls lifted 1929 Northam Bridge Company 1799     HA HA
bridge Northgate Bridge Shropshire Union Canal   1831       Chester   CH CH
bridge Old Redheugh Bridge River Tyne     tolls lifted 1937         NB DU
bridge Old Shoreham Bridge River Adur   1781 transferred to Railways - tolls ended 1970     Shoreham   SX SX
bridge Ouse Bridge River Ouse 43 Geo3 c48 1803 tolls Proprietors   Selby   YNR YER building a Bridge over the River Ouse, from Selby, in the West Riding of the County of York, to the opposite Shore in the Parish of Hemingborough, in the East Riding of the same County. [27th May 1803.]
bridge Ouse Bridge River Ouse 55 Geo3 c71 1815 tolls on this but not on Fosse Bridge Commissioners   York   YNR YNR widening, altering, and rebuilding Ouse Bridge, in the City of York, and for widening certain Streets and making other Improvements in the said City. [7th June 1815.]
bridge Ovingham Bridge River Tyne   1883 tolls lifted 1945         DU NB
bridge Penmaenpool bridge Afon Mawddach   1879 toll still paid   1879     MER MER
bridge Penwortham Bridge River Ribble   1751   1759       LA LA
bridge Poole Harbour Bridge Poole Water  (Swing Bridge) 4 Will4 c46 1834   Proprietors   Poole   DO DO building a Bridge over the Water from the Town and County of the Town of Poole to the Parish of Hamworthy in the County of Dorset, with an Approach thereto. [16th June 1834.]
bridge Putney Bridge (Fulham Bridge) River Thames   1726 toll lifted 1879 Trustees & Commissioners   Fulham Putney MX SY Building a Bridge cross the River of Thames, from the Town of Fulham, in the County of Middlesex, to the Town of Putney, in the County of Surrey
bridge Ravensbourne Bridge  Thames tributaries 43 Geo c131 1803 maybe Creek Bridge     Deptford Greenwich KE KE building a Bridge over the River Ravensborne, at or near its Mouth or Outlet into the River Thames, in the County of Kent, and for making and maintaining proper Approaches thereto. [27th July 1803.]
bridge Richmond Bridge River Thames   1774 1859 toll lifted   1777     MX SY
bridge River Virniew bridge S of Oswestry 7 Geo4 c62 1826           MOT SA  building a Bridge over the River Virniew, near Llanymynech, and making Roads, Embankments, and Approaches thereto, in the several Counties of Montgomery, Salop, and Denbigh, on the Road leading from Liverpool to Carmarthen, and for several other Purposes relating thereto. [5th May 1826.]
bridge Rocester Bridge                
bridge Rumney Bridge River Rumney 45 Geo3 c73 1805           GLA MON  building a Bridge over that Part of the River Rumney which divides the Parish of Rumney in the County of Monmouth, and the Parish of Roath in the County of Glamorgan. [18th April 1810.]
bridge Sandwich Bridge River Stour 28 Geo2 c55 1755       Sandwich   KE KE
bridge Scotswood Bridge River Tyne   1829 tolls lifted 1907   1831     NB DU
bridge Seaton Bridge River Axe   1877       Seaton   DV DV
bridge Shaldon Bridge River Teign   1827 1948 toll lifted   1827 Teignmouth Shaldon DV DV
bridge Shard Bridge River Wyre     OS map         LA LA
bridge Shoreham Old Bridge                
bridge Shuttern Bridge River Tone     toll advert 1822     Taunton   SO SO
bridge Skeldergate Bridge River Ouse   1882 tolls lifted 1914   1882 York   YNR YNR
bridge Skerton Bridge River Lune   1783     1787 Lancaster   LA LA
bridge Southwark Bridge River Thames 51 Geo3 c166 1811 toll lifted 1864 proprietors  (private speculation)  (was Three Cranes)     MX SY authorize the Relinquishment of the Care and Management of a Road set out by the Southwark Bridge Company to the Trustees of the Surrey and Sussex Roads. [19th June 1828.]
bridge Staines Bridge River Thames 9 Geo4 c100 1828 tolls Commissioners   Staines   SY MX building a Bridge over the River Thames at Staines in the County of Middlesex, and for making proper Approaches thereto. [16th June 1834.]
bridge Stoney Stratford Bridge River Ouse 4 Wil4 1834   jointly by Counties and a trust   Old Stratford Stony Stratford BU NR
bridge Strangeways Bridge River Irwell 56 Geo3 c62 1816   Proprietors       LA LA building a Bridge across the River Irwell, from the Township of Salford, in the Parish of Manchester, to Strangeways, in the Township of Cheetham, all in the County of Lancaster; and for making proper Avenues thereto
bridge Sutton Bridge River Thames 47 Geo3 c43 1807 1930s toll lifted Proprietors   Sutton Courteney   OX BE building a Bridge over the River Thames, from the Parish of Sutton Courtney in the County of Berks, to the Parish of Culham in the County of Oxford. [1st August 1807.]
bridge Swinford Bridge River Thames Geo3 c63 1767 toll still paid Bridge Company   Eynsham   OX BE
bridge Swing Bridge River Tyne               NB DU
bridge Tewkesbury Key Bridge River Avon 48 Geo3 c62 1808 tolls Trustees       GL GL taking down and re-building the Key Bridge across the River Avon, in the Borough of Tewkesbury, in the County of Gloucester, and for making and forming convenient Roads thereto. [27th May 1808.]
bridge Tickford and North Bridges River Ouse and River Lovatt 49 Geo3 c144 1809 tolls     York   BU BU
bridge Towey Suspension Bridge River Towey   1833       Llandovery   CAM CAM
bridge Traethbach Bridge & Road Menai               ANG CAE
bridge Transporter Bridge River Mersey   1905        Widnes   CH LA
bridge Tyne Bridge River Tyne 28 Geo3 1801 tolls lifted 1821         NB DU made for Building a Temporary Bridge and completing a new Stone Bridgeover the River Tyne, between the Townof Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Gateshead, in the County of Durham, and making the Avenues to and the Passages over the same more commodious; and for removing and preventing Nuisances and Annoyances in the Streets, Lanes, or Avenues leading to the said new Stone Bridge within the Town of Gateshead, in the County of Durham; and for enabling the Trustees named in the said Act to widen and enlarge the said new Stone Bridge. [20th June 1801.]
bridge Union Chain Bridge River Tweed   1820 tolls lifted 1883   1820     NB Scotland
bridge Vauxhall Bridge River Thames 49 Geo3 c142 1809 1879 toll lifted proprietors (private speculation)  (was Regent's Bridge)  (was Regent's Bridge)   MX SY enable the Vauxhall Bridge Company to raise a further Sum of Money, and to alter and amend the Acts relating to the said Bridge. [2d May 1825.]
bridge Wallingford Bridge River Thames 49 Geo3 c143 1809 1870s toll lifted Bridge Trust   Wallingford   BE BE taking down and rebuilding the Whole or Part of a certain Bridge called Wallingford Bridge, in the Borough of Wallingford, in the County of Berks; and for opening, widening, and improving the Avenues or Approaches to the said Bridge. [3d June 1809
bridge Walton Bridge River Thames   1747 toll lifted 1870 an individual   Walton  Shepperton SY MX Building a Bridge cross the River of Thames, from the Parish of Walton upon Thames in the County of Surry, to the opposite Shore in the Parish of Shepperton in the County of Middlesex.
bridge Walton Bridge River Trent 4 Wil4 c1 1834 tolls Proprietors   Walton Barton DE ST building a Bridge over the River Trent, from Walton upon Trent in the County of Derby to Barton under Needwood in the County of Stafford. [17th May 1833.]
bridge Warburton & Rixton Bridge Manchester Ship Canal   1863 toll still paid   1863 Warburton Rixton CH LA
bridge Waterloo Bridge River Thames 49 Geo3 c191 1809 1878 toll lifted Commissioners (private speculation)  (was Savoy or Strand Bridge) London Lamberth MX SY for building The Waterloo Bridge, and making Roads communicating therewith; and to authorize the Relinquishment of the repairing, lighting, and watching of the Roads on the South Side of the Bridge, to the Trustees of the Surrey New Roads, acting under Two several Acts of His present Majesty's Reign, for making, widening, and keeping in Repair certain Roads in the several Parishes of Lambeth, Newington, Saint George Southwark, Bermondsey, and Christchurch, in the County of Surrey, and for watching and lighting the said Roads. [8th May 1818.]
bridge Wearmouth Bridge River Wear               DU DU
bridge Wellington Bridge River Aire           Leeds Armley YW YW
bridge Wensum Bridge River Wensum 1 Geo4 c51 1820        (Norwich)   NO  building a Bridge over the River Wensum, in the City of Norwich, at or near the Duke's Palace in the said City. [8th July 1820.]
bridge West Boat Bridge River Tyne (South)   1826 tolls lifted 1877 when collapsed      (Warden Bridge)   NB NB
bridge Westgate Bridge River Severn 46 Geo3 c45 1806 tolls Trustees 1809 Gloucester   GL GL taking down and re-building the Bridge across the River Severn at Gloucester, called The Westgate Bridge, and for opening convenient Avenues thereto. [23d May 1806.]
bridge Whitchurch Bridge River Thames   1792 toll still paid proprietors   Whitchurch   OX BE
bridge Whitney Bridge River Wye   1779 toll still paid         HF HF
bridge Wich Tree Bridge River Tawey 18 Geo3 c68 1778 became County Bridge 1844      Swansea   GLA GLA  building a Bridge across the River Tawey, at a Place called The Wich Tree, in the Parish of Llansamlett, to the opposite Shore in the Parish of Llangevelach in the County of Glamorgan; and for making proper Avenues or Roads to and from the said Bridge; and for repairing the Road from Pentre Brook, near a Place called Aberdwyberthy, in the Parish of Saint John's, near Swansea, to the said Bridge. [21st March 1822.]
bridge Wilford Toll (Halfpenny) Bridge River Trent   1862 toll lifted 1969         NT NT
bridge Willington Bridge River Trent   1839 toll lifted 1898   1839     DE DE
bridge Windsor Bridge River Thames 59 Geo3 c126 1819 toll lifted 1897 Commissioners   Windsor   BE BU rebuild Windsor Bridge, in the Borough of New Windsor, in the County of Berks; and to improve the Avenues thereto. [6th July 1819
bridge Worcester Bridge River Severn 9 Geo3 c84 1769       Worcester   WO WO building and completing a Bridge at Worcester over the River Severn, and for opening convenient Avenues thereto. [23d May 1823.]
bridge Wylam Bridge River Tyne   1836 tolls lifted 1936         NB NB
bridge Yarm Bridge River Tees   1771 replaced in 1887     Egglescliffe Yarm DU YNR
bridge Yarmouth Bridge River Yar   1860 tolls lifted 1934 (bought by council)     Yarmouth Norton IOW IOW
ferry Aust Ferry River Severn   1825 closed 1886 reopened1926 Company Aust Bleachley GL GL
ferry Barton River Humber           Barton Hessle LI YER
ferry Booth River Aire           Booth Howden LI YER
ferry Burton Ferry (Pembroke Ferry) Milford Haven               PEM PEM
ferry Carlton River Aire replaced by Carlton Bridge 1777             YER YNR
ferry Cremyll River Tamar           Portsmouth Cremyll CW DV  
ferry Dartmouth Flaoting Bridge Ferry River Dart           Dartmouth   DV DV  
ferry Dartmouth Lower Ferry River Dart           Dartmouth Kingswear DV DV  
ferry Eastham Ferry, Tranmere Ferry, Birkenhead Ferry, Woodside Ferry River Mersey     not included, not clear where they went         CH LA
ferry Gosport Ferry Gosport Harbour   1840           HA HA
ferry Littleborough River Trent               LI NT
ferry Littlehampton Ferry River Arun 5 Geo4 c94 1824     SX SX establishing a Ferry over the River Arun at Littlehampton in the County of Sussex, and making Roads to communicate therewith. [3d June 1824.]
ferry New Passage River Severn     Aust Wales GL MON
ferry Newnham Passage River Severn     Newnham   GL GL
ferry Pill Ferry River Avon     Bristol   SO GL                                        
ferry Purton Passage River Severn     closed 1879 Puton Purton GL GL                                                                      
ferry Queensferry River Dee           Connahs Quay   CH FLT                                                                        
ferry Saltash River Tamar           Portsmouth Saltash CW DV                                                                        
ferry Sawley River Trent replaced by Harrington Bridge             DE NT                              
ferry Torpoint River Tamar   1790     1791 Portsmouth Torpoint CW DV
foot bridge Darley Abbey (footbridge) River Derwent     pedestrian toll         DE DE
foot bridge Halfpenny Bridge (footbridge) River Avon     pedestrian toll     Bath   SO SO  
zbridge Evesham Bridge River Avon 5 Geo4 c67 1824 not a toll         WO WO paving, cleansing, lighting, watching, regulating, and improving the Borough of Evesham in the County of Worcester; for repairing, improving, and maintaining the Bridge over the River Avon within the said Borough, and for selling certain Waste Lands within the said Borough, and for appropriating the Monies arising from such Sales towards the Purposes therein mentioned. [28th May 1824.]