Names of London Carriers and Coachmen taken from services listed in Thomas De Laune - The present state of London; 1681 & 1691

Surnames are listed alphabetically. Christian name and type of service have been entered where given. Exact duplicates have been removed but when information is not identical the same name is re-entered. The London inn or inns to which the services ran can be found in the full listing of the de Laune books.             

1681 entries in normal font; 1691 entries are in italics


Abbot, William     --carrier  --Lancaster, Wiggon, Narington, Liverpoole, Bolton

Adams, Henry       --wagon --;Chesham, Bucks

Adams, Gabriel     --wagon --Chesham, Bucks

Adcock, John       --carrier --Ashford, Kent

Addison, Daniel   --coach  --Hatfield, Herts

Addison, Daniel   --coach   --Hatfield, Herts

Adkinson, John    --carrier --Hallifax, Yorks

Alden, Philip        --wagon --Aldenham, Herts

Alden, William      --wagon --Watford, Herts

Alder, John           --wagon --Wantage, Berks

Aldridge, John     --carrier --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Aldridge, William --wagon --Lewes, Sussex

Allein, Richard    --wagon --Castle Ashby, Northants

Allein, Edward      --carrier  --Coliasby, Northants

Allen, Moses         --carrier --Ampthill, Beds

Allen, William      ---            --Glocester

Allen, William       ---            --Glocester

Allen, James          --coach   --Stanmore. Msex

Alsop, John Snr   --carrier  --Lewes, Sussex

Amos, John           --wagon --Weedon

Aps, John              --carrier --Lewes, Sussex

Arnold, Thomas   --wagon -Fenny Stanton, Hunts

Ash, Henry           --carrier  -Burton & Uttoxeter

Ashby, John         --carrier  --Northampton

Ashton  --carrier  --Haverhill

Ashhurst, Charles                --carrier --Preston, Lancs

Atcherly, Andrew --carrier --Shrewsbury

Atherton, Thomas               --packhorse           --Warrington, Lancs

Atterbury, William               --coach  --Finchley, Msex

Austin, Richard    --carrier --Tedington, Beds

Austin, John         --wagon --Saffron Walden

Austin    --coach  --Hendon, Msex

Aves, Abraham    --carrier  --Coxell

Backer, Henry      --carrier --Sanford, Essex

Badeley, John       --carrier  --Newcastle under Line, Litchfield, Stone, Stafford & Coventry

Badely, John        --carrier --Newcastle under line

Badely, Thomas   --carrier --;Newcastle under line

Badeley, Thomas --carrier  --Newcastle under Line, Litchfield, Stone, Stafford & Coventry

Bailey, William      --carrier  --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Bailey, Anthony   --carrier  --Warwick

Baker, Richard    --wagon/ coach    --Sudbury

Baker, John           --wagon --Exeter

Baker, Arthur        --wagon --Exeter

Baker, William       --coach   --Exeter

Bakewel, Matthew               --carrier  --Burton & Uttoxeter

Balden, John        --coach  --Bath & Bristol

Balden, Thomas   --coach   --Bath & Bristol

Baldwin, William --coach  --Bristol

Baldwin, William  --coach   --Bristol & Bath

Ball, widow          --carrier --Stony Stratford, Bucks

Banford, Thomas --carrier --Manchester

Banford, Thomas --carrier  --Manchester, Stopord

Banks     ---            --Manchester

Bardal, Samuel      ---            --Chinord near Thame

Barker, Humphrey                --carrier  --Daventree, Northants

Barker, Humphrey               --wagon --Daventrey

Barker, Humphrey               --coach  --Daventrey

Barker, Thomas   --coach  --Daventrey

Barker, Thomas   --wagon --Daventrey

Barker, Thomas    --wagon --Billegray, Essex

Barnes, Henry      --carrier --Stenning, Sussex

Barnes, Richard   --coach  --Bristol

Barnes, Robert      --carrier  --Lincoln

Barnes, Robert      --coach   --Lincoln

Barnes, Robert     --             --Lincoln,Stanford,Grantham

Barnes, Thomas   --wagon --Texel, Warwicks

Barnes, Thomas   --wagon --Weeden, Northants

Barnes   --carrier --Chichester

Barnes    --carrier  --Chichester

Barnes   --coach  --Canterbury

Barnes    --coach   --Canterbury (post)

Barnet, John         --wagon --Hadnam, Bucks

Barnet widow        --coach   --Reading

Barnet widow       --coach  --Reading & Newbury

Barr, Henry            --carrier  --Stanes

Barrett, John        --carrier --Bristol

Barrett, John        --wagon --Hooknorton, Oxon

Barrett, Robert      --carrier  --Bristol

Barrett, John         --carrier  --Bristol

Barsley, James      --carrier  --Oldham, Aston u Line

Bartlett, Edward  --wagon --Oxford

Bartlett, Edward  --coach  --Oxford

Bartlett   --carrier  --Oxford

Barwick, John       --coach   --St Edmunds Bury

Basdel, Nicholas --carrier --Danton, Milton, Hasley

Basdell, Thomas  --carrier --Burford

Bass, John             --carrier --Thame, Oxon

Bass, Thomas        --wagon --Leicester

Bass, Thomas       --wagon --Leicester

Boss, Thomas       --wagon --Tamworth

Basse, Thomas     --carrier  --Abersley, Hunts

Batchellor, Henry --coach   --Croydon

Batchellor, Francis               --wagon --Glocester

Batt        wagon    --Fordingbridge,--Christchurh

Battle      --carrier  --Portsmouth

Baxter     --carrier  --Louth, Lincs

Bayly, John           --wagon --Hatfield, Herts

Beach, John Snr   --             --Maxfield, Manchester, Congerton, Leake

Beach, John Jnr    ---            --Maxfield, Manchester, Congerton, Leake

Beaumont, Thomas              --coach   --Rumford, Essex

Bedford, Robert    --carrier  --Brill, Bucks

Bedford, Robert Snr             ---            --Woolon, Underidge, Dursley, Nibly, Glous.

Bedwell, John      --wagon --Brantry, Essex

Beech, John          --carrier --Shrewsbury

Beecroft, John      --wagon --Norwich

Beecroft, John      --coach   --Norwich

Bennet, Samuel     --coach   --Windsor

Bennet   --coach   --Windsor

Bennit, William    --wagon --Bishop-Stafford

Best, Philip            --coach   --Windsor

Bethel & Co         ---            --Hertford

Bethel & Co          --             --Hertford

Bezell, Roger        --wagon --Bishop-Stafford

Bigg, William        --carrier  --Watford, Leics

Birce, John           --wagon --Shipton upon Stower

Bird, Robert          --coach  --Epsom

Bird, Robert           --             --Epsom

Bird, Roger            --wagon --Andover, Berks

Bird, Roger           --wagon --Andover, Berks

Bird, Thomas        --coach   --Epsom

Blackwel, Peter     --coach   --Barnet

Blewman, Thomas               --carrier --Bredhempstone

Blewman, Thomas               --carrier --Shoreham, Sussex

Blewman, Thomas                ---carrier --Bredhempstone

Blewman, Thomas                --carrier  --Shoreham, Sussex

Blower, John         ---            --Edmonton

Bond, John            --carrier  --Wisbich, Isle of Ely

Bond, Thomas      --carrier --Wisbick, Isle of Ely

Bond, Thomas      --carrier  --Wisbich, Isle of Ely

Booth, John          --coach  --Bristol

Booth, John          --coach   --Bristol & Bath

Booth, John          --coach   --Exeter

Booth, John          --coach   --Taunton-Deane

Booth     --coach   -- Bath & Bristol

Boswel, George    --carrier  --Dunstable

Botten, John         --carrier  --Cranborough, Kent

Boulton, widow   --coach  --Edmonton

Boulton, Thomas ---            --Edmonton

Boulton --wagon --Camden, Worcs

Bowcock               --carrier --Sandon, Herts

Bowers, Susanna --wagon --Glocester

Bowers, Susanna --coach   --Glocester

Bowsher, widow  --wagon --Highworth, Wilts

Bradford, James   --carrier --Horsmountsly, Sussex

Bradford, Samuel  --coach   --Windsor

Bradley, Edward   --carrier  --Bridgenorth, Salop

Brandon, William --wagon --Northampton

Brankerd               --coach  --Canterbury

Brankerd                --coach   --Canterbury (post)

Branston, William               --wagon --Bouden, Leics

Bray, Joseph         ---            --Worcester

Braynes, John      --wagon --Rugby, Warks

Braynes, John      --caravan              --Rugby, Warks

Brewmett, Henry  --carrier  --Gainsborough, Lincs

Bridgeman, Robert              --carrier --Chipton-Norton

Bridgeman, Robert               --carrier  --Chipton-Norton

Bridgeman, John  --carrier --Luton, Beds

Bridgeman, William            --wagon --Nodleage, Gloucs

Bridle, Philip          --wagon --Taunton-Deane

Briggs, Samuel     ---            --Kendall, Westmoreland

Briggs, Samuel      ---            --Kendall

Briggs, Thomas    ---            --Kendall, Westmoreland

Bright, Thomas    --carrier --Monmouth

Bright, Thomas    --carrier --Monmouth

Bringhurst, Hawkins          --wagon --Harringworth, Rutland

Bringhurst,Hawkins           --wagon --Upingham, Hookham

Brooks, Richard  --carrier --Exeter

Brooks, Thomas   --carrier --Maxfield, Cheshire

Broom, Thomas    --carrier --Manchester

Broomhead, Henry              ---            --Lincoln,Stanford,Grantham

Broomhead, Benjam            ---            --Lincoln,Stanford,Grantham

Broomhead, Benjamin        --carrier --Lincoln

Brown, George     --carrier --Hitching, Herts

Brown, Henry       --wagon --Portsmouth

Brown, Henry       --coach  --Portsmouth

Brown, George     --carrier --Leedes, Wakfield, Yorks

Browne, George   --carrier --Leedes & York

Browne, Thomas  --wagon --Amersham

Browne, Thomas  --wagon --Sawbridge, Herts

Browning, William              --wagon --Peterborough, Spalding, Horn-Castle

Bryon, John          --carrier --Barton, Oxon

Buckland, Lee      --carrier --East Wick, Herts

Buckmaster, Elias               --wagon --Kings Langley, Herts

Buddin, Robert    --wagon --Pool, Dorset

Bunday, John       --coach  --Clapham

Bunting --wagon --Brentry, Essex

Burridge, Robert --coach  --Windsor

Burril, Christopher             ---            --Richmond, Yorks

Burril, Christopher             --carrier --Richmond, Yorks

Burt        --coach  --Windsor

Burt        --coach  --Windsor

Butler, James        --carrier --Crandon Long, Bucks

Butler, James        --carrier --Crandan, Bucks

Buy         --coach  --Oxford

Capel, Duke         --wagon --Tociter, Northants

Carr, Robert         --wagon --St Albans

Cassewell, William              --wagon --Newport, Salop

Casshee, Richard                --carrier --Halifax, Yorks

Cave, Thomas       --carrier --Blackbourn, Bolton-berry, Ribchester, Coulney, Padcam, Preston

Cave, Thomas       --carrier --Blakebourn, Bolton-berry, Ribchester, Coulney, Padcam, Preston

Celley, Henry       --coach  --Enfield

Chambers, George              --carrier --Bristol & Bath

Chambers, John   ---            --Richmond, Yorks

Chambers, John   --carrier --Richmond, Yorks

Chantler, Thomas                --carrier --Middlewich, Manchester, Boulton, Knulsford

Chester, John       --carrier --Leedes & York

Chetwood, Thomas             --carrier --Newport-Dreyton

Chetwood, William             --carrier --Newport-Dreyton

Chetwood, William             --wagon --Weam, Salop

Chipperfield, Edward         --coach  --Brantry, Essex

Chirles, Richard  -wagon  --Witney

Chitty     --carrier --Seare, Surrey

Christmas, John   --wagon --Aylesbury

Christmas, John   --wagon --Wendover, Bucks

Christmas, John   --wagon --Aylesbury

Christmas, John   --wagon --Chesham, Bucks

Church  --coach  --Aylesbury

Church  --wagon --Dusely, Glous.

Clare, Mary          ---            --Worcester

Clark, Nicholas   --carrier --Kimbolton, Hunts

Clark, William     --coach  --Lincoln, Barton, Stanford, Grantham

Clark, Richard     --coach  --Sydenham

Clark & son         --carrier --Crookhorne & Evill

Clarke   --carrier --Pettworth

Clarke   --carrier                 --Sherbourn,Crookham

Clave, Richard     --carrier --Wells, Somset

Clear, Roger         --wagon --Wickham, Bucks

Coaks, Robert      --coach  --St Edmunds Bury

Coaks, Robert      --wagon --St Edmunds Bury

Coats     --coach  --Reading

Cockett, Richard --wagon --Sunnock, Kent

Cockett, Richard --wagon --Sunnock, Kent

Coffin, Edward     --wagon --Billericay, Essex

Cole, Thomas       --carrier --Marsh, Bucks

Cole, Robert         --carrier                 --Stourbridge&Bromsgrove

Cole       --carrier --Haverhill

Coleman                --wagon --Marlborough

Coles      --wagon --Derinton, Wellingbr

Coles      --wagon --Derinton, Wellingbr

Colestock, John   --carrier --Battle, Sussex

Colledger, Henry --wagon                 --Lawford Rugby Dunchuch

Colson, Ralph      --carrier --York

Colstock, John     --carrier --Battle, Sussex

Cook, Robert        --coach  --St Edmunds Bury

Cook, Robert        --wagon --St Edmunds Bury

Cook, Robert        --coach  --St Edmunds Bury

Cook, Robert        -wagon  --Norwich

Cook, John           --wagon --St Albans

Cook, Robert        --coach  --St Edmunds Bury

Cook, Robert        --wagon --Norwich

Cook, William      --wagon --Brackley, Nhants

Cooke, Humphrey               --wagon --Thame, Oxon

Cooper, Edward  ---            --Salisbury, Blandford

Cooper, Edward  ---            --Dor/Salisbury, Blandford

Cooper, Edward  --coach  --Dorchester

Cooper, Richard  --wagon --Northampton

Cooper, Humphrey              --wagon --St Albans

Cooper, Shadreck               --wagon --Chelmsford, Essex

Cooper, William  --coach  --Dorchester

Cope, Benjamin   --wagon --Kingsclear, Hants

Cornish, John      --coach  --Epping, Essex

Coster    --coach/ carrier   --Grimstead, Sussex

Court     --carrier/ wagon  --Ashbourn

Cox, William         --wagon --Weedon

Cox         --wagon --Hurst, Berks

Cozens, Nicholas --carrier --Halifax, Yorks

Cramber, Robert  --carrier --Billingshurst, Purbeck

Cramphorn, Francis           --wagon --Ingerstone, Essex

Cramphorne, Fracis           --wagon --DunmoreHigh Ruden

Cresp, John          --coach/ wagon    --Hodsdon, Herts

Cresp, John          --coach/ wagon    --Hodsdon, Herts

Crip, John             --coach, fly            --Buntingford, Herts

Crispe, Thomas    --coach  --Lyn

Crispe, Thomas    --coach  --Lyn

Cromwel Dorothy                --coach  --Glocester

Cronch, Richard  --wagon --Whetomsted, Herts

Croysley, John     ---            --Ely

Crowch, Richard --wagon --Stony Stratford, Bucks

Curphe, William  --wagon --Lt Diddlington, Beds

Dabridge               --carrier/ wagon  --Ashbourn

Dance    --coach  --Aylesbury

Dangerfield, John               --coach  --Guildford

Davis, James         --carrier --Shrewsbury

Davis, James         --carrier --Shrewsbury

Day, John              --carrier --Cambridge

Day, John              --wagon --Cambridge

Day, John              --carrier --Cambridge

Days, John            --coach  --Clapham

Days, John            --coach  --Clapham

Deacon, George   --carrier --South Stoke, Oxon

Deane, William    ---            --Arundel

Deane, William    ---            --Arundel

Dell, John             ---            --Hempstead, Herts

Denning, Philip   --carrier --Exeter

Dew, William        --coach  --Bath & Bristol

Dickson, Henry    --carrier --York

Dickson, widow   --carrier --York

Diggs, George      --coach  --Walthamstow, Essex

Dison, John          ---            --Hallifax, Yorks

Drew, William      --coach  --Bath & Bristol

Drew      coach     --Bath & --Bristol

Drew      --coach  --Bath & Bristol

Drouth, Anthony  ---            --Worcester

Dunkley --carrier/ wagon  --Ashbourn

Dye, Thomas         --coach  --Oxford

Dye, Thomas         --coach  --Oxford

Dyer, Francis       --wagon/ coach    --Sudbury

Dyke, George       --coach-wagon     --Hertford

Eagleton, Thomas               --carrier --Cambridge & Hunts

Eames, William    --wagon --Dunstable

Earle      --coach  --Shrewsbury

Earle      --wagon --Westchester

Edsol, William      --carrier --Linsfield, Surrey

Edsull, Thomas    --carrier --Godliman, Surrey

Edwards, Edward                --wagon --Grandon, Nhants

Edwards, Edward                --carrier --Harrold, Beds

Edwards, Thomas                --carrier --Crandon, Northants

Egelton, Thomas  --carrier --Kaxton, Cambs

Eldridg  --coach  --Oxford

Elliot, George      --carrier --Chesterfield, Derbys

Elliot, widow        --wagon2               --Layton Buzard, Berks

Ells, John              --wagon --Basingstoke

Elmes, George      --wagon --Melton Mowbray

Elms       --coach  --Bishop-Stafford

Evans, Hugh         --coach  --Bath & Bristol

Evans, William     --carrier --Shrewsbury

Ewins, Richard    --wagon --Bisciter

Ewins, Richard    --wagon --Bicester

Eyrle      ---            --Lichfield, Staffs

Falmouth              --coach  --Saffron Walden

Farbrother, Richard           --wagon --Chipton Warden

Farey     --carrier --Peterborough

Faulconer, Griffin               --carrier --Oundell, Northants

Faulconer, Griffin               --carrier --Oundell, Northants

Faulconer, Paul  --wagon --Oundell, Northants

Fettyplace             --coach  --Glocester

Field, Nathaniel  --carrier --Tunbridge, Kent

Field, Joseph        --wagon --Watford, Herts

Fielder, Richard  --carrier --Kidderminster,

Fieldhows, John  --carrier --Shrewsbury

Fisher, John         --coach  --Coddicote, Herts

Fisher, John         ---            --Kendall, Westmoreland

Fisher, John         --coach  --Coddicote, Herts

Fitch, Thomas      --carrier --Stanbourne, Essex

Fleet, John            ---            --Worcester

Flemens, Benjamin              --coach  --Exeter

Fleming, Benjamin              --coach  --Taunton-Deane

Flyman, Jarvis     --carrier --Sheffield, Mansfield & Rotherham

Forster, Thomas   --carrier --Shrewsbury, Welch-poole & Ossestry

Foster, Thomas    --carrier --Shrewsbury

Foster, Christopher            --carrier --Biglesworth, Beds

Foster, William    --wagon --Biglesworth, Beds

Foster, widow      --coach  --Canterbury

Foster, widow      --coach  --Dover

Foster, Mrs           --coach  --Tunbridge, Kent

Foster, Thomas    --carrier --Huntingdon

Foster    --coach  --Canterbury

Fowler   ---            --Lichfield, Staffs

Fowler   --coach  --Shrewsbury

Fowler   --wagon --Westchester

Francis, Richard --carrier --Westram, Kent

Francis  --coach  --Chelmsford, Essex

Francis  --wagon --Chelmsford

Freckleton            --coach  --Tunbridge, Kent

Freeman, Thomas                --carrier --Beudley, Worcs

Freeman, Thomas                ---            --Beudley, Worcs

Frencham              --carrier --Maidstone

Freylton                --coach  --Canterbury

Frost, John           --carrier --Halifax, Yorks

Fryer      --coach  --Aylesbury

Furnace --carrier --Louth, Lincs

Furnace --carrier --Louth, Lincs

Gaines, Robert     --carrier --Bristol

Galor, Richard     --coach  --Epping

Galot, Margaret  --coach  --Epping

Garaway               --wagon --Wiltopp, Hants

Gardner, John      --carrier --Manchester

Gardner, Francis --coach  --York

Gardner, Francis --coach  --York

Gardner, Margaret             --coach  --York

Garnett, John       --carrier --Manchester

Garratt, Hugh      --coach  --Bridgenorth, Salop

Garrett, Hugh       --coach  --Bridgenorth, Salop

Garrett, Nicholas                --carrier --Burwash, Sussex

Gascoyne, Thomas              --carrier --Copel, Beds

Gattwood              ---            --Royston

Gee, William         --carrier --Huntingdon

Gerle, Henry         --wagon --Newbery

Gerle, Henry         --wagon --Newbury

Gerrard, Richard --coach  --Melton Mowbray

Gerrard, Richard --carrier --Warrington, Lancs

Geynwood, Richard            ---            --Kendall

Gibbens, John      --carrier --Dover

Gibbons, John      --wagon --Dover

Gibbens, Stephen                --wagon --Dover

Gibbens, Thomas --wagon --Dover

Gibbons, Thomas --wagon --Dover

Gibbs, John          --carrier                 --Weston Weedon Toceter

Gifford, Henry      --wagon --Watford, Herts

Gilbert   --coach  --Canterbury

Gilbert   --coach  --Canterbury (post)

Gliss, Elias            --coach  --Windsor

Gliss, Elias            --coach  --Windsor

Glover, Matthew  --wagon --Hitching, Herts

Glover, George    --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Narington, Liverpoole, Bolton

Glowing, John     --carrier --Barnstable, Devon

Godsell, James     --coach  --Saffron Walden

Goldring, Arthur --wagon --Portsmouth

Goldring, Arthur --coach  --Portsmouth

Goldring, Roger  --wagon --Portsmouth

Goldring, Roger  --coach  --Portsmouth

Golding, William --coach  --East Ham, Essex

Golding, William --coach  --Ilford

Goodibeard, John               --carrier --Onger, Essex

Goodson, George                --carrier --Wemington, Leics

Goodwin, William               --coach  --Basingstoke

Goodyard, Henry ---            --Natsford, Middlewich, Northwich

Goodyard              ---            --Manchester

Gordin, Margaret                --coach  --York

Gosford, Henry     --wagon --Watford, Herts

Gower, Jane widw               --carrier --Bridgenorth/Wenlock

Grafford, Richard                --coach  --Brainford, Msex

Gravener, John    --coach  --Acton, Msex

Graves, John        --carrier --Chesterfield, Derbys

Green, Francis     --coach  --Low Layton, Essex

Green, Peter         --carrier --Preston, Lancs

Green, Thomas     --carrier --Preston, Lancs

Greene, Robert     --wagon --Cambridge

Greene, John        --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Narington, Liverpoole, Bolton

Greene, Peter       --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Narington, Liverpoole, Bolton

Greene, Francis   --coach  --Low-Layton, Essex

Greenwood, Robert             ---            --Kendall, Westmoreland

Grendue                --coach  --Enfield

Griffin, George     --coach  --Walthamstow, Essex

Grover, George    --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Liverpoole

Guy, William         --carrier --Huntingdon

Gyant, John          --carrier --Coxell

Hacklet, Oliver    ---            --Lempster, Herefords

Hall, John             --carrier --Hallifax, Yorks

Hall, John             --carrier --Hertford

Hall, William        --carrier --Linsfield, Surrey

Halsey, John         --coach  --Watford, Herts

Hamersly, Richard              --carrier --Brumigham & Woolverhampton

Hare, John            --wagon --Baldock, Herts

Hare, John            --wagon --Baldock, Herts

Harlow, Ralph     --carrier --Brackley, Nhants

Harper, Robert     --carrier --Leeds, Wakfield, Yorks

Harris, Thomas    --wagon --Glocester

Harris, Thomas    --carrier --Tociter, Northants

Harris, William    --coach  --Rumford, Essex

Harris    --coach  --Reading

Harrison, John     --carrier --Chittenstone, Kent

Harrison, John     --carrier --Chittenstone, Kent

Harrison, William                --carrier                 --Denby, Rixham, Ruthen

Hart, Henry           --carrier --Godliman, Surrey

Hart, Thomas        --carrier --Godliman,

Harts, Andrew      --coach  --Cambridge

Harts, Andrew      --wagon --Cambridge/Norwich

Harwood, widow --wagon --Aylesbury

Harwood, Thomas               --wagon --Northampton

Hatheway              --coach  --Henley upon Thames

Hatton, Richard   --packhorse          --Westchester, Wrexham & Osswestry

Hattox    --coach  --Windsor

Haurton, John      --wagon --Worcester

Hawkings, John Esq           --coach  --Nottingham

Haynes, Gabriel   ---            --Hallifax, Yorks

Haynes, Richard  --wagons               --Exeter

Haynes, Richard  --wagon --Froome, Warminghurst

Head, Brice           --coach  --Portsmouth

Heard, Robert      --coach/ wagon    --Hodsdon, Herts

Heard, Robert      --coach  --Ware

Heard, Robert      --coach/ wagon    --Hodsdon, Herts

Heard, Robert      --coach  --Ware

Hemmons, William               --carrier --Brickhill, Bucks

Henshaw, William               --carrier --Loughborough

Henshaw, William               --carrier --Loughborough

Hewet, Jacob        --wagon --Oakingham, Berks

Hewland, Josiah  --carrier --Stroud, Gloc.

Hewland, George                --carrier --Stroud

Hewlin, Lawrence               --carrier --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Hewlyn, Richard  --carrier --Hereford

Hewlyn, Richard  --carrier --Hereford

Hibbet, Henry       --wagon --Oakingham, Berks

Hichman, James   --wagon --Stow in the Hould

Hickman, William                --coach  --Barnet

Hickman, Joseph --coach  --Whetstone, Msex

Hicks, William      --coach  --Dulwich

Hills, John            --carrier --Brentwood

Hills, John            --carrier --Brentwood

Hilton, George     --carrier --Preston, Lancs

Hilton, John         --carrier --Warrington, Lancs

Hilton, John         --packhorse          --Warrington, Lancs

Hinton, Richard   --wagon --Burford, Oxon

Hinton, John        --coach  --Woodford, Essex

Hobbs, Richard    --coach  --Marlborough

Hobbs, Richard    --coach  --Marlborough

Hockley, Robert   --coach  --Enfield

Holdbrook, Lawrence        --carrier --Wells, Somset

Holder, George    --carrier --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Holland, Thomas ---            --Louth, Lincs

Holland --carrier --Maxfield, Cheshire

Holloway, George               --coach  --Barkin & Wall-End

Holloway, George               --coach  --East Ham, Essex

Holloway              ---            --Lichfield, Staffs

Holloway              --coach  --Westchester

Holloway Mrs      --wagon --Westchester

Holloway              --coach  --Shrewsbury

Holmer, Edward  --carrier --Manchester

Holmes, Edward  --carrier --Manchester

Holmes, Francis   --carrier --Tenderton, Kent

Holyman, Joseph --wagon --Hadnam, Bucks

Hooke, Nathaniel                --wagon --Benham, Norfolk

Hooks, Nathaniel                --coach/ wagon    --Newmarket

Hornblow              --wagon --Marlborough

Horton, John        --wagon --Eversham, Worcs

Hosier, John         --carrier --Bristol

Houldsworth, John             --carrier --Leeds, Wakfield, Yorks

Houldsworth, Nathan         --carrier --Leeds, Wakfield, Yorks

Hubbold, Thomas                --coach  --Hodsdon, Herts

Hucks, Thomas     --wagon --Witney

Hucks, Thomas     --wagon --Witney

Huff, Thomas         --wagon --Glocester

Huggleston, William           --coach  --Woodford, Essex

Huland, Lawrence               --carrier --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Humphrey, William             --coach  --Wonsted, Essex

Hurst, Roger         --coach  --Norwich

Hurst, Roger         --wagon --Norwich

Hurst, Roger         --coach  --Norwich

Hurst, Roger         --carrier/ horses   --Norwich

Hurst, William      --carrier --Mansfield, NottS

Hurst, William      --carrier --Mansfield, Notts

Huske, Richard    --coach  --Cambridge

Hynde, Thomas    --wagon --Kempston, Herts

Ingerhams, widow               --wagon --Brumley, Kent

Jackson, James    --carrier --Leeds, Wakfield, Yorks

Jackson, Simon    --wagon --Ely

James, Thomas     --carrier --Ledbury, Herefords

Jaquis, Thomas    --coach  --Portsmouth

Jaquis, Thomas    --wagon --Portsmouth

Jaquis    --wagon                 --Petersfield

Jifft, Thomas         --wagon --Oxford

Johnson, Christopher         - -carrier                - -Barfield Great, Essex

Johnson, John      --carrier --Bedford

Johnson, John      --carrier --Bedford

Johnson, Thomas --carrier --St Ives, Hunt

Johnson, Thomas --packhorse          --Westchester, Newport, Dreyton, Rixham, Denby, Ruthen, Nantwich

Johnson, William --wagon --Bynfield, Berks

Jones, William      --wagon --Bedford

Jones, William      --wagon --St Albans

Jones, William      --carrier --Bedford, Wooton, Elstow

Jones, Nathaniel --carrier --Shrewsbury, Welch-poole & Ossestry

Jordan, widow     --wagon --Banbury, Oxon

Jordon, John        --wagon --Banbury, Oxon

Jourdain, Robert --coach  --Edmonton

Keene, Thomas     --wagon --Bristol

Keene, Bernard    --wagon --Bristol

Keene, Silvester   --wagon --Bristol

Kent, Thomas       ---            --Ceford, Beds

Kent, John            --wagon --Olny, Bucks

Kent, John            --wagon --Ony, Bucks

Kent, widow         --coach  --Guildford

Kerby, Richard    --carrier --Wallingford, Berks

Kimpton, Thomas                --coach  --Chesthunt, Herts

King, Henry          --coach  --Ipswich

King, Henry          --coach  --Ipswich

King, Hugh           --wagon --Salisbury

King, Owen           --wagon --Salisbury

King, John            --carrier --Haverhill

King, Thomas       --carrier --Harlington

Kimmet, Thomas  --carrier --Cheltenham, Glos.

Kinnot, Thomas   --carrier --Chelton, Glos.

Knap, John           --wagon --Hemingham

Knight, Edward   --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Narington, Liverpoole, Bolton

Knowles, John     --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Liverpoole

Knowles, James   --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Liverpoole

Knowles, John     --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Narington, Liverpoole, Bolton

Lacy, William       --carrier --Mansfield, Notts

Lacy       --carrier --Loughborough

Lake, Edward       --wagon --Woodford

Lancaster, Matthew            --carrier --Cambridge

Landon, Henry     --coach  --Uxbridge

Lane, Elias            --wagon --Wickham, Bucks

Lane, Elias            --wagon --Wickham, Bucks

Lane, John            --carrier --Hereford

Lane, widow         --carrier --Hereford

Langesdell            --wagons x2          --Colchester

Lawrence, James --coach  --Southgate by Enfield

Laybee, John        --carrier --Hertford

Lease, John           --carrier --Manchester

Lee, Edward         --carrier --Maxfield, Cheshire

Lee, James             --wagon --Leicester

Lilley, William      ---            --Woolverhampton

Lines, Thomas      --carrier --Bradford, Nthants

Ling, James           --carrier --Cambridge

Lintell, John         --wagon --Tociter, Northants

Lloyd, Richard     --carrier --Shrewsbury, Welch-poole & Ossestry

Lloyd, Thomas      --carrier --Shrewsbury, Welch-poole & Ossestry

Lloyd, William      --carrier --Shrewsbury, Welch-poole & Ossestry

Locket, John         --carrier --Exeter

Lockyer, Samuel  --wagon --Darby

Long, Robert        --carrier --Monmouth

Long, Robert        --carrier --Monmouth

Lost, John             --carrier --York

Lowry, John          --wagons               -Exeter

Lowry, John          --wagon -Exeter

Lupton, John        --carrier --Kigly, Yorks

Lupton, John        --carrier --Leedes & York

Lymon, John         --coach/ wagon    --Tociter, Northants

Lynn, James          --wagon --Lamburn, Berks

Lyon, James          --carrier --Buntingford, Herts

Lyon, Daniel         --coach  --Hampstead, Msex

Lyon, Daniel         --coach  --Hampstead, Msex

Mad, Nicholas     ---            --Louth, Lincs

Mallard ---            --Chinord near Thame

March, John         --wagon --Aylesbury

Marshall, Joseph --coach  --St Albans

Marshall               --coach  --Dunstable

Marshall               --coach  --Luton, Beds

Marshall               --coach  --Luton, Beds

Marsham, James  --carrier --Canterbury

Martin, William   --carrier --Cambridge

Martin, William   --carrier --Cambridge

Mason, Thomas    --wagon --Bushey, Herts

Mason, John         --wagon --Bushey, Herts

Matthews, Thomas              --coach  --Epsom

Matthews, William              --carrier --Crookhorne & Evill

Mayes, Edward    --wagon --Baldock, Herts

Mayes, Thomas    --wagon --Baldock, Herts

Meade, George    --wagon --Tring, Beds

Merchant, Richard              --carrier --Chesterfield, Derbys

Merchant, Richard              --carrier --Sheffield, Yorks

Meriday, William --coach  --Saffron Walden

Merriday, John    --carrier --Potten, Beds

Messinger, John  --wagon --Gt Marlow, Bucks

Miles      --carrier --Ludlow, Salop

Miller, Robert      --coach  --Egham, Surrey

Miller, Andrew     --carrier --Kempson, Beds

Miller, William     --coach  --Godliman, Surrey

Mills, Leonard     --wagon --Burford

Mincham & partnr              --coach  --Salisbury

Mincham Mrs & partr        --coach  --Salisbury

Minchel, Mr          ---            --Dorset, Salisbury, Blandford

Minchel, Michael                ---            --Dorset, Salisbury, Blandford

Minchel, Mr          ---            --Salisbury, Blandford

Minchel, Michael                ---            --Salisbury, Blandford

Minching, widow                --coach  --Dorchester

Minching, Michael             --coach  --Dorchester

Mitchel, John       --wagon --Coventry, Warks

Mitchel, John       --wagon --Coventry, Warks

Mitchel, William  --wagon --Coventry

Mitchel, William  --coach/ wagon    --Coventry

Mitchell, William --wagon --Basingstoke

Molden, Henry     --coach  --York

Molden, Henry     --coach  --York

Monutagnes         --wagon --Elstree, Herts

Moone, Alexander               --carrier --Rye, Sussex

Moore, George     ---            --Arundel, Sussex

Moore, George     ---            --Arundel, Sussex

Moore, Thomas    --wagon --Daventrey, Northants

Moore, Thomas    --coach/ wagon    --Oxford

Moore, Thomas    --wagon --Daventree, Northants

Moores, widow    --wagon --Darking

Morgan, John      --coach  --Exeter

Morgan --wagon --Woodstock, Oxon

Morgan --wagon --Oxford

Morris, John         --coach  --Hornchurch, Essex

Morris, Thomas    --carrier --Exeter

Morris, Thomas    --coach  --Exeter

Morris, Thomas    --carrier --Exeter

Moss, James          --wagon --Hertford, Ware, Hitchin

Murford, John      --carrier --Bristol & Bath

Mussel, widow     --carrier --Horsham, Sussex

Mussel, widow     --wagon --Horsham, Sussex

Naylor, Joseph     --carrier --Leeds, Wakfield, Yorks

Neal       --coach  --Windsor

Nelson, Richard   --coach  --St Edmunds Bury

Neveld, James      --coach  --Hampstead

Neveld, James      --coach  --Hampstead

Newcomb, John   --carrier --Lincoln

Newcomb, John   --coach/ wagon    --Northampton

Newcomb, Richard              --coach/ wagon    --Northampton

Newcomb, Richard              --wagon --Stratford upon Avon

Newcomb, John   --wagon --Southam, Warks

Newcombe, Richard            --coach/ wagon    --Stratford on Avon

Newels, William   --wagon --St Albans

Newton, John       --coach ?               --Harwich ex packet

Niblet, John          --wagon --Abington

Noldred, widow   --carrier --Waldron, Sussex

Norman, William ---            --Wickham, Bucks

Norman, William ---            --Wickham, Bucks

Noy         --coach  --Letherhead, Surrey

Olds, William        --carrier --Litchfield, Staffs

Onyon, Edward    --carrier --Haverhill

Osbourne, John   --carrier/ wagon  --Ashbourn, Derbys

Oswin, John          --carrier --Kilworth, Leics

Ousler, Thomas    --coach/ wagon    --Warwick

Owen      --coach/ wagon    --Hadham

Page, Anthony     --carrier --Mavill, Sussex

Page, Nathanael --coach  --Harrow on the Hill

Page       --wagon --Harrow on the Hill

Page       --wagon --Leicester

Pain, James          --carrier --Westchester

Palmer, Arthur     --coach  --Chelmsford

Palmer, Arthur     --wagon --Chelmsford

Parish, Stephen   --carrier --Cranfield, Beds

Parish, Stephen   --wagon --Cranfield, Beds

Parker, John        --wagon --Bristol

Pateman, John     --carrier --Copel, Beds

Paulmer, Arthur   --coach  --Brentry, Essex

Payne, John          --coach  --Lyn

Payne, John          --coach  --Lyn

Peacock, Thomas                --carrier --Pissey, Berks

Peacock, Jane      --carrier --Pissey, Berks

Peacock, George --carrier --Stansteed, Moutsfitchett

Peatling, Elisha   --wagon --Littleworth, Leics

Pell, William         --carrier --York

Pellins, Elizabeth                --wagon --Littleworth, Leics

Pembrook, Nicholas           --wagon --Swallowfield, Wilts

Pembrook, Nicholas           --wagon --Swallowfield, Wilts

Perch, Thomas     ---            --Plaxton, Kent

Perkins, William  --wagon --Fulworth, Nhants

Perkins, William  --wagon --Littleworth, Leics

Perrin, William    --carrier --Westchester

Perrin, William    ---            --Westchester/Nantwich

Perrey, John         --carrier --Thacksted, Essex

Perton, Edward   --coach/ wagon    --Abington

Perton, Edward   --coach/ wagon    --Abington

Perton, William    --wagon --Abington

Philipo  --coach  --Yarmouth/Norwich

Philips   --coach  --Yarmouth/Norwich

Philips   --coach  --Norwich

Philips   --wagon --Norwich

Pierce, William    ---            --Woolon, Underidge, Dursley, Nibly, Gloucs.

Pilgrame, Jeremiah             ---            --Royston

Pillin, Abraham   --carrier --York

Pinsbury, John     --wagon --Glocester

Plaster, William   --carrier --Gainsborough, Hull

Plaster, William   --carrier --Gainsborough, Lincs

Plow, Thomas       --wagon --Letherhead, Surrey

Plumb, Joseph      --coach  --North hall, Herts

Plummer, George --coach  --Guildford, Surrey

Poland, Edward  ---            --Hallifax, Yorks

Pool, William       --wagon --Cirencester, Glos.

Pool, William       --carrier --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Poole, John          --carrier --Lavenham, Suffolk

Poole, John          --carrier --Lavenham, Suffolk

Powel, John          --wagon --Taunton-Deane

Prestley --caravan              --Wickham, Bucks

Preston, widow    --carrier --Woobourne, Beds

Price      --carrier --Wells, Somset

Priest, George      --carrier --Taunton-Deane, Somset

Proviss, John        --carrier --Wells, Somset

Purden, Francis   --coach/ wagon    --Warwick

Purdu     --wagon --Marlborough

Purdue   --wagon --Marlborough

Purver, Edward   --carrier --Cambridge

Pycraft, John        --carrier --Bedford

Ralif       ---            --Manchester

Ratcliff, Clapos    --carrier --Middlewich, Manchester, Boulton

Ratliff, Clapus      ---            --Natsford, Middlewich, Northwich

Randolph, Samuel               --wagon --Thame, Oxon

Rants, James         --carrier --Coliasby, Northants

Rash, John            --carrier --Clare

Rash, John            --carrier --Clare

Rawlinson,Thomas              --carrier --Lewes, Sussex

Rayman, Thomas --wagon --Hornchurch, Essex

Rayman, Thomas --wagon --Hornchurch, Essex

Reader   --coach  --Windsor

Reading, Matthew               --wagon --Agmondesham, Bucks

Reading, Matthew               --wagon --Amersham

Reed, James          --carrier --Wadhurst, Sussex

Reeves, William    --wagon --Tunbridge, Kent

Reeves, William    --wagon --Tunbridge, Kent

Reves      --wagon --Bishop-Stafford

Reynolds, Philip  --carrier --Woofen Bucks

Richards, Thomas                --carrier --Ashby de la Zouch

Richards, Thomas                --carrier --Ashby de la Zouch

Richards, James   --carrier --Ashby de la Zouch

Richards, Thomas                --coach  --Guildford

Richards, Thomas                --coach  --Guildford

Richards                --coach  --Oxford

Richardson, John                --coach  --Beccles, Suffolk

Richardson, John                --coach  --Beckles, Suffolk

Richardson, John                --wagon --Ipswich

Richardson, John                --coach  --Ipswich

Richardson, John                --wagon --Ipswich

Richardson, John                --coach  --Ipswich

Rickets, William   --wagon --Kington, Warks

Ricketts, William --wagon --Kenton, Warks

Rider      --coach  --Maidenhead, Berks

Rieves, Henry       ---            --Hallifax, Yorks

Rigwell, Robert    --wagon --Cambridge

Roberts, John       --wagon --Eversham, Worcs

Roberts, John       --wagon --Eversham, Worcs

Roberts, John       --wagon --Worcester

Roberts, Robert    ---            --Coventry

Roberts, Roger     --wagon --Coventry

Roberts  --carrier --Pettworth

Roberts  --carrier --Petworth, Sussex

Robinson, Joseph                --carrier --Daventrey, Northants

Robinson, Thomas               --coach  --Bocking & Bantry

Robinson, Thomas               --coach  --Chelmsford

Robinson, Bryan  --carrier --Rickmansworth

Robinson               --coach  --Brentry, Essex

Rogers, John        --carrier --Sherington, Bucks

Rogers   --carrier --Ludlow, Salop

Rogers   --carrier --Ludlow, Salop

Rogers, Richard   --carrier --Lempster, Herefords

Rogers, Richard   --wagon --Worcester

Rogers, Richard   ---            --Lempster, Herefords

Rogers, Richard   --wagon --Worcester

Rolf, John              --wagon --Beconsfield, Bucks

Roe, Stephen        --carrier --Mavill, Sussex

Rolph, Stephen    --carrier --Mayfield, Sussex

Rolph, Jeremiah  --caravan              --High Wickham, Bucks

Roofs, Richard     --carrier --Tunbridge, Kent

Roofs, Richard     --carrier --Tunbridge, Kent

Rose, Robert         --carrier --Bedford

Rotham, John       --wagon --Wallingford, Berks

Rothwel --carrier --Warwick

Rothwell, Nicholas             --wagon --Warwick

Rumball, Richard                --coach  --Billericay, Essex

Rush, Anthony      --wagon --Bedford

Rush, Anthony      --coach  --Bedford

Russel, John         --carrier --Bleechenly, Surrey

Sare, Joseph         --carrier --Dreyton, Bucks

Saunders, Henry  --coach  --Guildford, Surrey

Saunders, Giles    --coach  --Maidenhead, Berks

Saunders, Giles    --coach  --Windsor

Saunders               --coach  --Windsor

Saunders               --coach  --Bath & Bristol

Saunders               --coach  --Bath & Bristol

Sawyer, John        --wagon --St Needs, Hunts

Saxby, Thomas     --carrier --Eatonbridge, Kent

Saxby     --carrier --Eatonbridge, Kent

Sayer, Nathanial --carrier --Cambridge

Sayer, Nathanial --carrier --Cambridge

Saywards, widow                --wagon --Reading & Newbury

Saywards, widow                --wagon --Berks

Scearle, John       --carrier --Hitching, Herts

Scofield, Godfrey --wagon --St Albans

Scott, John            --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Narington, Liverpoole, Bolton

Scrafe, Thomas     --carrier --Fetching, Sussex

Sears, Joseph       --carrier --Layton Buzard, Berks

Sedgwick, William              --carrier --Atterson

Sedgwick              --carrier --Tamworth, Warks

Sells, John            --coach  --Amersham

Sergeant, Job       --coach  --Barnet

Seyward, widow  --wagon --Bradford, Berks

Shepperd, Henry  --wagon --Park Street, Herts

Shurles, Richard  --wagon --Cirencester, Glos.

Sidney    --wagon --Stow-Market

Silito, William      ---            --Maxfield, Manchester, Congerton, Leake

Simmerson            --coach  --Windsor

Simonds, John      --carrier --Shrewsbury & Salop

Simpson, William --wagon --Kettring, Northants

Simson, William   --carrier --Codingham/Middleton

Slead, Morris       --carrier --Shaftsbury, Dorset

Smallpiece, Robert              --coach  --Guildford

Smart, John          --coach  --Hertford

Smart, John          --coach  --Hertford

Smead, John         --coach  --Exeter

Smead, John         --coach  --Exeter

Smith, George      --carrier --Shrewsbury & Salop

Smith, Henry         --coach  --Oakingham, Berks

Smith, John           --carrier --Stanbourne, Essex

Smith, Jofias         ---            --Hallifax, Yorks

Smith, Philip        --carrier --Ashford, Kent

Smith, Matthew    --carrier --Loughborough

Smith, Thomas      --carrier --St Joes, Hunt

Smith, Thomas      --carrier --Lancaster, Wiggon, Liverpoole

Smith, William      --wagon --Northampton

Smith, William      --wagon --Northampton

Snow, Francis      --coach  --Uxbridge

Sockden                --wagon --Kettring, Northants

Southam, Thomas                --carrier --Dunchurch, Warks

Southam, Thomas                --carrier --Dunchurch, Warks

Southgate, Thomas             --wagon --Norwich

Southgate, Thomas             --wagon --Norwich

Sowell, Edward   --carrier --St Needs, Hunts

Speake, John        --carrier --Malmesbury, Wilts

Spicer    --wagon --Chelmsford

Staker    --wagon --Harding, Herts

Standish, Lawrence            --wagon --Warwick

Standish, Thomas                --wagon --Warwick

Stanes, William    --coach/ wagon    --Onger, Essex

Stanes, William    --coach  --Onger, Essex

Stanes, William    --wagon --Onger, Essex

Stanes, William    --coach  --Onger, Essex

Stanyon, Richard                --carrier --Thrapston/Bristock

Starchpoole,Thomas           --coach  --Colchester

Startup  --carrier --Pettworth, Sussex

Stephen, Edward --wagon --Wing, Bucks

Stephens, Robert --coach  --Glocester

Stephens, Daniel --carrier --Stoke-Bruen, Northants

Stephens, Daniel --carrier --Stoke-Bruen

Sterne, Thomas    --wagon --Cambridge

Sterne, Thomas    --wagon --Cambridge

Stiles      --wagon --Cambridge

Stone      --wagon --Taunton-Deane

Storton, Gilbert   --wagon --Kettring, Northants

Stovell   --coach  --Oxford

Stowrer, Joseph   --carrier --Bagworth, Leics

Street     --coach  --Reading, Newbury

Stretten, Thomas  --wagon --Ingerstone, Essex

Stugler, George   --coach  --Windsor

Sturdey, Gilbert   --carrier --Hallifax, Yorks

Sturdey, Robert    --carrier --Hallifax, Yorks

Summers, John     --carrier --Wittham, Essex

Summers, John     --carrier --Wittham, Essex

Summers, William                --coach/ wagon    --Hadham, Herts

Summers, William                --coach  --Harrow on the Hill

Swan, William      --wagon --Linton, Cambs

Swan, William      --carrier --Haverhill, Suffolk

Swan      --carrier --Saffron Walden

Swanwick, Humphry           --wagon --Betsfield, Flintshire

Swanwick, Humphrey         --carrier --Whitchurch, Salop

Swift, John            --wagon --Leicester

Swift, Thomas       --wagon --Leicester

Swift, Daniel         --coach/ wagon    --Warwick

Symons, John Snr                --carrier --Shrewsbury

Symons, John Jnr                --carrier --Shrewsbury

Syms, John            --carrier --Bakewell, Derbys

Syms, John            --carrier --Bakewel, Derbys

Syms & partner    --coach  --Southampton

Talbott, Thomas   --carrier --Lewes, Sussex

Tanner, Samuel    --carrier --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Tapsfield, Henry  --carrier --Lewes, Sussex

Tarrent  --carrier --Marlborough

Taylor, Francis    --coach  --Chesson, Herts

Taylor, John         --wagon --Hitching, Herts

Taylor, Thomas    --carrier --Stoke-Haven, Bucks

Taylor    --carrier --Warrington, Lancs

Taylor    --carrier --Woolverhampton

Taylor, William    --coach  --Harrow on the Hill

Taylor    --coach  --Hampstead

Taylor    --coach  --Hampstead

Taylor    --wagon --Kidderminster, Worcs

Teasdil, Robert    ---            --Richmond, Yorks

Teasdil, Robert    --carrier --Richmond, Yorks

Teylor    --carrier --Woolverhampton

Theams, Anthony --carrier --Kettring, Northants

Thomas, John       --carrier                 --Stansteed,Moutsfitchett

Thores, Richard   --wagon --Guildford

Thorncomb, Richard           --wagon --Guildford

Thresher                --coach  --Billegray, Essex

Tiffin, John            --coach  --Hornchurch, Essex

Tilt          --wagon --Kidderminster, Worcs

Tobey, Robert       --coach  --Bath Bristol

Toby, Robert         --coach  --Bristol

Toby, Robert         --coach  --Reading Newbury

Toby, Robert         --coach  --Bath Bristol

Toms, Richard      --wagon --Newport, Bucks

Townes  --carrier --Haverhill

Trindall, Richard                --wagon --Farington & Bampton

Trotts, widow       --wagon --St Albans

Tuff         --carrier --Chichester

Tuff         --carrier --Chichester

Tuffin, John           --coach/ wagon    --Nottingham

Tuffins, John         --coach  --Nottingham

Tuffins, Richard   --wagon --Nottingham

Tufft        --carrier --Medhurst

Turner, John         --carrier --Trubridge, Wilts

Turner, John         --coach  --Trubridge, Wilts

Turner    --wagons               --Exeter

Twitty, widow       --coach  --Worcester

Twitty, Mrs Elizabeth         --coach  --Worcester

Tyley, William      --carrier --Bath

Tyne, Charles       --carrier --Cambridge

Tyne, Charles       --carrier --Cambridge

Valls, Abraham    --wagon --Colchester

Valls, Abraham    --coach  --Colchester

Valls, Abraham    --wagon --Colchester

Varney, Edward   --carrier --Leachsteed, Oxon

Varney, Thomas   --carrier --Lemsted, Bucks

Varnham               --coach  --Canterbury

Varnham               --coach  --Maidstone, Kent

Varnham               --coach  --Maidstone, Kent

Viner, Christopher              --wagon --Highworth, Wilts

Viner, Christopher              --wagon --Highworth, Wilts

Vintner, John       --wagon --Huntingdon

Vintner, John       --coach  --Huntingdon

Wakefield, John   --carrier --Saffron Walden

Wakeham, Richard              --carrier --Barnstable & Bidyford

Waldren, Thomas --wagon --Winchester

Walden, Thomas  --wagon --Winchester

Waldron, Jonathan             ---            --Pool, Dorset

Waldron, Robert  --wagon --Southampton

Walker, Ann          --wagon --Reading & Newbury

Walker, William   --wagon --Reading

Walker   --carrier --Hallifax, Yorks

Wanewright, William          --wagon --Ampthill, Beds

Want, Daniel        --wagon --Devises, Wilts

Ward, Thomas      --wagon --Stafford

Wardner, Lawrence             --wagon --Basingstoke

Wardner, Lawrence             --wagon --Basingstoke

Warriler, Nathanael           --wagon --Darby

Warrin, widow     --wagons x2          --Stanford, Grantham

Washington          --carrier --Petworth, Sussex

Watterson, William              --coach  --Cambridge

Wayring, Henry    --coach/ wagon    --Grantham, Newark

Wayring, Henry    --coach/ wagon    --Grantham, Newark

Webb      --coach  --Aylesbury

Webb      --coach  --Malden, Essex

Webb      --coach  --Malden, Essex

Webb      --wagon --Malden, Essex

Webb      --wagon --Malden, Essex

Webster, John       --carrier --Buckingham

Webster, John       --wagon --Buckingham

Webster, Philip    --carrier --Buckingham

Webster, Jnr          --carrier --Buckingham

Weeb      --wagon --Hertford

Weeden, John       --wagon --Bushey, Herts

Weedon, George  --wagon --Hempsteade, Herts

Weedon, widow    --wagon --Hempstead, Herts

Weem      --carrier --Newport Dreyton

Wells, Thomas      --coach  --Epsom

Wenham, John      --coach  --Croydon

Wentword              --coach/ wagon    --Falkingham, Lincs

Wescoat, Peter     --carrier --Dunmore High Ruden

Wescoat, William --carrier --Dunmore High Ruden

Wescor, Thomas   --carrier --Morlington, Oxon

Wescor, Thomas   --carrier --Strayton-Harlow, War

Wessington, Robert             --wagon --Papworth

West, John             --coach  --Waltham Abbey

West, John             --coach  --Waltham Abbey

West        --carrier --Marsh Gibbon, Bucks

Westcare, Thomas                --carrier --Banbury, Oxon

Westcoat, William                --carrier --Rudenhigh, Essex

Westwood, Henry --wagon --Dunmore High Ruden

Whitchurch           --carrier --Newport Dreyton

Whitehead, George             --wagon --Melton Mowbray

Whitehead, George             --wagon --Melton Mowbray

Whitehouse           --wagon --Westchester

Whitemarsh, John                --carrier --Taunton-Deane, Somset

Whiting  --wagon --Cockthrop, Oxford

Whitingstall, William          --coach  --Hitching, Herts

Wibben, Samuel   --carrier --Bristol

Wichley, Thomas  --coach  --Worcester

Whiffen   --wagon --Exeter

Wiffen     --wagon --Exeter

Wiggans, Sylvanus              --wagon --Wallingford, Berks

Wiggon  --wagon --Lewes, Sussex

Wilcocks, Charles               --carrier --Tamworth, Warks

Wilcocks, Charles               --coach  --Tamworth, Warks

Wildman, Joseph --carrier --Cambridge

Wildman, Joseph --carrier --Cambridge

Wilkin, Samuel     --carrier --Bristol

Wilkinson, Edward             --wagon --Nottingham

Wilkinson, Thomas              --coach  --Berkhamstead, Herts

Wilkinson, Thomas              --coach  --Barcomstead, Herts

Wilkison, Edward                --carrier --Stroud-Water, Gloucs

Willes, William     --wagon --Chalbey, Oxon

Williamson, John --coach/ wagon    --Newport, Bucks

Williamson            --wagon --Newport, Bucks

Willis      --wagon --Cherbury, Oxon

Wilmotte, Thomas                --coach/ wagon    --Warwick

Wilson, Anthony  --coach  --St Albans

Wilson, Anthony  --coach  --St Albans

Wiltshere               --wagon --Chippenham, Wilts

Windham, John    --coach  --Croydon

Windmill, John     --carrier --Warwick

Winslow, John      --coach/fly             --Worcester

Winslow, Thomas --coach/fly             --Worcester

Wood      --coach  --Glocester

Wood, John           --wagon --Glocester

Wood, John           --wagon --Glocester

Wood, James         ---            --Warrington, Lancs

Wood, William      --packhorse          --Warrington, Lancs

Woodland, James                --carrier --Puckeridge, Herts

Woodman              --coach  --Fulham, Msex

Woodman              --wagon --Agham, Hants

Woodroofe, Philip               --wagon --Bristol

Woodward, Thomas            --wagon --Rigate, Surrey

Woolfs, William    --wagon --Brumley

Woolfs, Daniel      --wagon --Brumley

Woollett, William --carrier --Cranbroke, Kent

Woollett, William --carrier --Cranbroke, Kent

Woolley, William --wagon --Wolverhampton

Woolworn, George              --wagon --Westchester, Wrexham & Osswestry

Worthington         --carrier --Wells, Somset

Wright    --wagon --Hurst, Berks

Write, Anthony     --coach  --Rumford, Essex

Yarrent  --carrier --Marlborough

Yeates, John         ---            --Kendall