Roads. (From: 'Geographical and geological description', section of Lysons, Magna Britannia: volume 6: Devonshire (1822)

The great road from London to Exeter and Plymouth enters Devon between the nine and ten milestone from Bridport, and reaches Axminster twelve miles from the last-mentioned town; thence it passes through Kilmington and the hamlet of Wilmington, leaving Widworthy and Offwell on the left, to Honiton (eight miles and a half). From Honiton it passes between Feniton and Gittisham, between Whimple and Rockbeare to Honiton Clist; and leaving Sowton to the left, through Heavitree to Exeter (16 miles). From Exeter it proceeds through Alphington and Shillingford to Chudleigh (nine miles); thence through Bickington to Ashburton (nine miles). From Ashburton it passes through Buckfastleigh, Dean Prior, and South Brent, to Ivybridge (12 miles and a half); thence through Plympton to Plymouth (about 12 miles); its whole course through the county having been about 77 miles.

Axminster, Honiton, Exeter, Ashburton and Plymouth Eastern Trusts


Another road from Exeter to Plymouth branches off at Alphington, and goes through Kenneford, over Haldon to Newton Abbot (15 miles); thence leaving Ipplepen and Little Hempston on the right, and Abbot's Carswell on the left, to Totnes (eight miles); from thence leaving Rattery on the right, and Harberton, Diptford, and North Huish on the left, to Ivybridge and Plymouth (23 miles).

Exeter, Totnes and Plymouth Eastern Trusts


From Alphington a turnpike-road branches off through Exminster to Star-cross (eight miles); from Star-cross to Dawlish (four miles); and from thence by the sea-side to Teignmouth (three miles). There is another road from Exeter to Teignmouth, over Haldon, and through Ashcombe (15 miles).

Teignmouth & Dawlish Trust


From Newton Abbot there is a turnpike-road through Abbot's Carswell, to Tor Mohun and Torquay, continued through Berry Pomeroy to Totnes, with branches to Paignton, Brixham, and King's Weare.

Dartmouth, Torquay & Shaldon Trust


From Ashburton there is a turnpike road to Totnes, passing through Staverton and Dartington (eight miles).

Ashburton Trust


The road from Ashburton to Tavistock (20 miles) leaves Holne on the left, and Buckland and Widdecombe on the right, coming into the turnpike-road from Exeter to Tavistock, at Two-bridges, eight miles from Tavistock.

Tavistock Trust (note from Ashburton to Two Bridges it is just “a road” not a turnpike)


From Totnes there is a turnpike-road through Harberton-ford and near Moreleigh to Kingsbridge (12 miles); another from Totnes to Dartmouth, leaving Ashprington, Cornworthy, and Dittisham on the left, and going through Townstall (ten miles).

Kingsbridge & Dartmouth Trust


The carriage-road from Dartmouth to Kingsbridge is about 12 miles. (not turnpiked in 1822)


From Dartmouth to Modbury is a turnpike-road, leaving Holwell on the right, and passing through Moreleigh (12 miles); from thence through Yealmton, Brixham, and Plympton, to Plymouth (14 miles); but there is now a nearer road, passing over the ferry at Oreston, in a very convenient boat called a flying bridge.

Kingsbridge & Dartmouth, Modbury and Saltash Trusts


The great road from London to Falmouth and the Land's End branches off at Exeter, leaves Whitstone, Tedburne St. Mary, and Cheriton Bishops on the right, and Drew's Teignton on the left, passes through Crockernwell, where is a posting house (11 miles from Exeter); thence leaving South Tawton on the right, it passes through South Zeal and Sticklepath to Oakhampton (11 miles); thence through Bridestowe, leaving Thrushelton and Stowford on the right, and Lew Trenchard on the left, it passes through Lifton, and quits the county at Polston bridge, about two miles beyond Lifton, and 40 from Exeter.

Exeter, Okehampton and Launceston Trusts


Another road from Exeter to the Land's End leaves Holcombe Burnell and Dunsford a little to the left, passing to Moreton Hampstead (12 miles); thence over Dartmoor, leaving Sampford Spiney and Whitechurch on the left, to Tavistock (20 miles); about three miles beyond which it enters Cornwall, passing over Newbridge.

Exeter, Moretonhamstead and Tavistock Trusts


The turnpike-road from Tavistock to Plymouth Dock is about 14 miles, leaving Whitechurch on the left, and Buckland Monachorum, Tamerton Foliot, &c., on the right.  Plymouth & Tavistock Trust

There is a turnpike-road from Plymouth Dock to Saltash-ferry. Saltash Trusts


The turnpike-road from Tavistock to Ivybridge passes through Sampford Spiney, Walkhampton, and Meavy, leaving Shaugh and Cornwood on the right. Can find no record of Sampford to Ivybridge being turnpiked – it is now a series of unclassified roads


About eight miles from Tavistock a road branches off to Two-bridges on Dartmoor, on the road from Moreton Hampstead to Tavistock. Dartmoor & Rodborough Trust


The turnpike-road from Tavistock to Launceston leaves Lamerton on the right, passes through Milton Abbot, and leaving Dunterton on the left, passes through Bradstone to Graiston bridge.

Tavistock Trust


There is a turnpike road from Exeter to Topsham, continued to Exmouth (nine miles), passing near St. George's Clist and Woodbury, and through Lympstone.

Exeter and Exmouth Trusts


From Exmouth a turnpike road continues, passing through Withecombe Ralegh and Littleham, near East Budleigh, through Otterton to Sidmouth; thence through Salcombe Regis and Colyford, near Comb Pyne, towards Lyme Regis, which is just within the limits of Dorsetshire.

Exeter Trust to Otterton and Honiton & Sidnouth and Lyme Regis Trusts eastwards but;

Can find no record of the section from Otterton to Sidmouth being turnpiked – it is now a series of unclassified roads


Another road from Exeter to Sidmouth passes through Heavitree, between Sowton and Clist St. Mary, through Newton Poppleford, leaving Aylesbeare, Fen Ottery, and Harpford, on the left, and Colyton Ralegh on the right (about 15 miles).

Exeter Trust and Lyme Regis Trusts


A road branching off out of the great road from Honiton to Exeter, at a place called Fairmile, goes to Ottery St. Mary, and thence to the road before described as leading from Sidmouth to Lyme.

Lyme Regis Trusts


The great road from Bath and Bristol to Exeter enters Devonshire near the Red Ball on Maiden Down, passes through the hamlet of South Appledore and the village of Willand, to Collumpton; thence through Bradninch to Broad Clist, leaving Poltimore and Pinhoe on the right, to Exeter. The old road passed between Huxham and Poltimore.

Tiverton, Cullompton and Exeter Trusts


Another road from Bath enters Devonshire about a mile from Church Staunton, and, leaving that village on the right, passes through Churchenford, Up Ottery, and Roridge, leaving Luppit and Monkton on the left, and Comb Ralegh on the right, to Honiton, and thence to Exeter as before. A branch from this road passes through Luppit, and comes into it again about eight miles from Honiton.

Honiton Trust


The road from Bath, by way of Ilchester, enters Devon about three miles from Chard, passes through Stockland (in a detached part of Dorsetshire, surrounded by Devon); near Cotleigh, to Honiton, and thence to Exeter.

Honiton & Ilchester  and Honiton Trusts


The road from Honiton to Collumpton (11 miles) passes through Awliscombe, leaving Broad Hembury and Kentisbeare a little to the right. Honiton Trust

From Collumpton the road continues to Tiverton, about five miles. Tiverton Trust


From Wellington to Tiverton the road branches off beyond South Appledore, and passes through Sampford Peverell and Halberton. There is a turnpike road from Tiverton to Bampton, passing through a beautiful wooded vale by the side of the Exe; from Bampton it continues to Dulverton, leaving Devon about two miles beyond Bampton. Tiverton Trust


A road branching from this crosses a nook of Somersetshire, and entering Devonshire again between five and six miles from Bampton, leaves East Anstey about a mile on the right, and Bishop's Nympton about the same distance on the left, and passes to South Molton.

Wiveliscombe and South Molton Trusts


The direct road from Tiverton to South Molton (19 miles) passes near Washfield, through Calverleigh, Loxbear, and Rackenford, leaving Knowestone on the right, and Creacombe, Rose Ash, and Bishop's Nympton, on the left.

Tiverton and South Molton Trusts


 The turnpike-road from South Molton to Barnstaple (12 miles) passes through Filleigh, (within sight of Lord Fortescue's house and grounds,) through Swimbridge and Landkey.

Tiverton and Barnstaple Trusts


From Barnstaple there are turnpike roads through Pilton and Marwood, leaving Ashford to the left and Bittadon to the right, to Ilfracombe, (ten miles); another, branching off at Pilton, and leaving Sherwell and Arlington on the right, through East Downe to Comb Martin.

Barnstaple Trust


The road from Exeter to Barnstaple, (40 miles,) leaving Upton Pyne on the right, and Newton St. Cyres on the left, passes to Crediton; thence through Sandford, near Morchard Bishops, leaving Lapford and Eggesford on the left, and Chawleigh on the right, to Chulmleigh; thence through Burrington, High Bickington and Atherington, leaving Yarnscombe on the left, through Bishop's Tawton, leaving Tawstock, (with Sir Bourchier Wrey's house and grounds,) on the left, to Barnstaple.

Barnstaple Trust


From Chulmleigh a road branches off, leaving King's Nympton and Satterleigh on the left, and Romansleigh and George Nympton on the right, to South Molton (eight miles).

South Molton Trust


The turnpike-road from Barnstaple to Hartland, leaving Fremington, Instow, and Westleigh, on the right, passes through Eastleigh to Bideford (eight miles); thence, leaving Abbotsham and Clovelly on the right, and Littleham, Alwington, Parkham, and Wolfardisworthy on the left, to Hartland (12 miles).

Bideford Trust


The turnpike-road from Barnstaple to Torrington (ten miles) leaves Tawstock, Newton Tracey, and Alverdiscot on the left, and Horwood and Hunshaw on the right.

Barnstaple Trust


The turnpike-road from Torrington to South Molton (16 miles) leaves Stevenstone (Lord Rolle's) and St. Giles's church on the right, and Yarnscombe on the left, and passes through Atherington and Chittlehampton, leaving Honiton chapel on the right, to South Molton.

Great Torrington and South Molton Trusts


The turnpike-road from Torrington to Bideford (about six miles) passes through no village, leaving Hunshaw on the right, and Weare Giffard and Lancras on the left.

Great Torrington and Barnstaple Trusts


The turnpike road from Torrington to Oakhampton passes through Little Torrington, leaves Peter Merland on the right, and Merton, Huish, and Meeth on the left, passes through Petrockstow to Hatherleigh, (11 miles,) thence to Oakhampton, leaving Inwardleigh on the right (seven miles).

Barnstaple & Okehampton Trusts (note part transferred to Gt Torrington later and southern part to Folley disturnpiked)


From Hatherleigh to Holsworthy, (about 13 miles,) there is a turnpikeroad, which leaves Highampton, Black Torrington, and Cookbury, on the right, and Hollacombe on the left: the road continues thence to Stratton in Cornwall, leaving Pancrasweek on the right, and Bridgerule on the left. It leaves Devonshire between four and five miles beyond Holsworthy.

Can find no record of Hatherleigh to Holsworthy being turnpiked – it is now the A3072


From Oakhampton, there is another turnpike-road to Exeter, passing through Crediton. The road from Oakhampton to Crediton (about 18 miles, now but little used,) passes through North Tawton, and Bow, or Nymet Tracey, leaving Clannaborough on the left, and Colebrooke on the right.

Okehampton and Exeter Trusts


The turnpike-road from Crediton to Tiverton (12 miles) leaves Shobrooke, Stockleigh Pomeroy, and Cadbury, on the right, and Upton Helions, and Cheriton Fitzpayne, at somewhat greater distance on the left.

Tiverton Trust


The turnpike-road from Exeter to Tiverton (14 miles) passes through Stoke Canon and Rew, leaving Brampford Speke, Netherex, and Thorverton, on the left, and Poltimore and Huxham on the right, to Silverton. From this place there are two roads; one through Butterleigh, and the other through Bickleigh, to Tiverton.

Tiverton Trust (old and new road)


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