Trebarwith Sands Turnpike Trust                                         (updated 24th Sept 2013)

This trust was created in 1825, relatively late in the turnpike era, to turnpike road down to Tebarwith Strand, to improve access to the sand used for manure on the land and provide an export route for locally quarried slate.

List of Acts



6 Geo4 c84





18 & 19 Vic








Trebarwith Sands 1825

An Act for making and maintaining a Turnpike Road from Trebarwith Sands on the Sea Shore, to Condolden Bridge, on the Road leading from Bossiney to Camelford, all in the County of Cornwall. [20th May 1825.]

the making and maintaining of a Turnpike Road, to commence at Trebarwith Sands on the Sea Shore in the County of Cornwall, and to extend in an Easterly Direction through the several Parishes of Tintagel, Lantylos, and Minster, to Condolden Bridge on the Road leading from Bossiney to Camelford, in the said County of Cornwall, will be of great Advantage and Convenience to the Inhabitants of the said Towns, and to the Owners and Occupiers of Lauds in the Neighbourhood, and will greatly facilitate and render less expensive the Carriage and Conveyance of Sand from the Sea Shore, to be used for Agricultural and other Purposes, and will otherwise be of great public Utility.

Select Committee on State of Roads 1840

William Fillis Pierce of Camelford (clerk to the trust) reported

There are 2 miles 3 furl 17 pl of road thru 2 parishes – all repaired by the trustees

2 toll gates

The roads are stated to be in “good” condition – no part under indictment for want of repair.


Report to Secretary of State 1855


The original Act for making this road (the 6th of George IV. cap, 84.) was passed in the year 1825. Its term would have expired with the session of 1847, but has been extended by the several Turnpike Acts Continuance Acts until the 1st day of November 1855.

The length of this road is less than 2.5 miles, upon which there are two toll gates, about two miles apart, which clear each other. The full rates of toll allowed by the Local Act arc levied.

The debts upon this road amount to £2,478. 19s., and are due to 28 creditors, in sums varying from £12. 1s. to £614 12s. 6d. The rate of interest payable was £5. per cent.; but during the last 11 years an average of about £2. 10s. per cent, has been paid, leaving the sum of £1,481. 14s. 3d. unpaid interest on the 31st of December 1853.

The accounts show a falling off in the amount of toll receipts, but not to any serious extent. The small amount of the toll income in the year 1853 is thus accounted for by the clerk to the Trustees :—" The lessee for 1853 absconded " without paying his rent; and his surety also absconded." The amount received for tolls in 1853 was £60. 10s. only, leaving unpaid the sum of'£70. 10s. The account for 1853 also shows that the sum of £195. 17s'. ld. was due for " arrears of former years." The repair of the road has cost about £15 per annum; the salaries were £25., and afterwards £30., but are now reduced to 10/. per annum ; and portions of the interest have been paid as far as the funds would permit.

The revenue of this Trust being small, it appeared desirable to propose terms of arrangement with the creditors, in order to avoid the expenses of applying to Parliament.


The new tolls are specified in clause 16, respecting which the clerk has made the following statement:— The toll clauses in the existing Act are very  defective, inasmuch as there is every prospect of the Trebarwith Sands  becoming a place of fashionable resort during the summer months; and also,  new slate quarries are being opened very near the line of road, over which  the traffic to and from such quarries would principally pass, therefore the  following additions have been made:—For every horse or other beast drawing any coach, stage coach, &c.,, the sum of three-pence. In the existing Act, Section 8, the same toll of 3d. is charged only on horses drawing  any cart, waggon, sledge, or other such vehicle, no toll being mentioned on horses drawing coaches, chaises, gigs, &o. ; yet by Section 8 it is implied, that horses drawing stage coaches, stage waggons, or post chaises were liable to pay toll. The clerk states that at present there is no toll for horses, &c. drawing coaches, chaises, &c., but stage coaches and post chaises pay 3d. for each  horse.

The other new tolls proposed in clause 16 are, on dogs or goats drawing, 1d. each ; on carriages moved by steam or machinery 1s. per wheel ; on oxen, &c. 10d, per score; and on sheep &c. 5d. per score. [The toll upon dogs drawing appears to be unnecessary, as the use of dogs  for the purpose of  drawing or helping to draw any cart, carriage, truck, or barrow, is prohibited, under heavy penalties, by a Public Act of the last session, the 17th and 18th of Victoria, cap. 60.]

Clause 19 allows a full toll to be taken for horses, &c. passing and repassing once along the road,  except where drawing sand for agricultural purposes,  as herein-after mentioned; and by clause 22 the tolls on horses drawing carts, &c.  laden with sand or other material or thing for agricultural purposes are to be paid  each time on passing through cither of the said toll-gates.


List of Roads

Trebarwith Strand Road; B3263 from Coldolden Farm west to become UC down to Trebarwith Strand (about 2.5 miles)


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Known Tollhouses (extracts from Tollhouse National database) 3 known sites both identified (survivors in bold)

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UC road

Trebarwith Strand to Cameford







Toll Bar

Trebarwith Strand

beside car park, at bottom of hill leading up from slipway

; ; ;

Trebarwith Sands Road



 Trebarwith Strand to Cameford







Condolden Cottage


on long slope from hamlet to top corner

OS 1st Series; ; ;

Trebarwith Sands Road

Taylor P. (2001), "The Toll-houses of Cornwall", p55


 Trebarwith Strand to Cameford







Ye Olde Toll House  Bossiney Road



; ; ;

Trebarwith Sands Road



Known Milestones

In the Milestone Society Database, 0 are identified on B3263 and UC roads, –. (based on Trust mileage, expect 3)